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Enough is Enough


At approximately 1 p.m. Tuesday, April 3, 2018, shots rang out at the San Bruno, California-based YouTube headquarters. Early reports said that the shooting occurred outside at the company's employee café, and a source at Stanford University Hospital said that four or five victims had been brought to the hospital's Palo Alto, California, emergency room. The incident marks the third mass shooting this April in America, and the 77th in America in 2018, according to the website

While little is known about who the shooter is, what kind of weapon was used and what the shooter's motives were, police are saying they don't believe this to be an act of terrorism, but rather a workplace or domestic dispute. The shooter is believed to be a woman, and early reports are saying she took her own life at the scene after shooting several victims on the YouTube campus.

While the media scrambles for information, politicians on both sides of the aisle will no doubt be ready to use the incident as an argument for – or against – gun control. If guns weren't legal, the shooter would not have had a gun to commit the shooting, but had everyone at the YouTube café been armed, maybe they could have stopped her. So, who's right here?

In times of turmoil such as the immediate moments following a mass shooting, it can be very difficult to determine what side to stand on. People are often quick to judge and draw conclusions, with each side ready to point an accusing finger at the other.

But the fact is, the only fact we know right now is that several people were injured, and one person has died, adding to the 127 other people who have already died (not to mention the 265 and counting who were injured and survived) so far this year at the hands of a mass shooter. So tomorrow, and in the following days, when the brass at the NRA and the Second Amendment advocates start calling for more weapons and offering their "thoughts and prayers," don't listen to their flawed logic that "now is not the time" to discuss stronger background checks and banning bump stocks. Even if there wasn't a bump stock used in this shooting, we must use this opportunity to once again remind Washington that enough is enough. We must demand action on common-sense gun laws, before one more senseless death can occur at the hands of a mass shooter.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

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